Mountain elm is an original European tree with high resistance, hardness and toughness. Elm wood and elm core have different colors. Elm wood is usually yellowish-white, the core much darker and varies from tree to tree. The high strength of wood makes work difficult and requires sharp tools and equipment. Elm wood is characterized by a unique structure and color. Due to the extremly low occurrence, elm is extremly rare.

DANTE elm wood bed


Beech is the most widespread tree, and its wood the most useful of all the deciduous trees in Slovakia. The beech wood and the beech core have a uniform pale yellow to red-white color, red-brown color after steaming process. Beech wood is medium to very heavy. It is very hard and durable. It has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance. Despite its hardness, it can be easily worked with beech wood.



Oak is one of the most important European trees. Oak grows rapidly in height, but its trunk is not as massive as other tree species. It is easy to recognize difference between oak wood and oak core. Oak wood is off-white in color, the core is yellow-brown to brown and darkens significantly over some time. Oak wood is hard and heavy, but still elastic. Oak firewood is very durable, even placed underwater.

ARIANNA oak bed


Spruce is one of the most important trees in Slovakia. It grows relatively fast and the yield of wood is high. The wood is light, yellowish-white to red-white and darkens when exposed to light. Spring and summer wood have very different colors, the annual rings are clearly visible. Spruce is light and soft, but nevertheless has good strength and flexibility properties due to its relatively low weight.

JANIS spruce bed


Birch belongs to the family Betulaceae, of which we know about 40 different species. Birch wood has a yellow-white or red-white to light brown color and darkens significantly over some time. Birch wood is medium heavy and has good strength properties: it is elastic and tough. Siberian birch, which we use for the production of our bed frames, is exposed to temperatures up to -50 Celsium degrees and large temperature fluctuations, so the wood from this area is much denser and achieves significantly higher strength and resistance to parasites, fungi and molds.

Bed frames with birch lamellas

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